dewy decimal

2005-06-04 - 12:14 p.m.

I am insane and there is no way around it. At around 9:30pm last night I met up with Shorty and Nietzche at Hulas and I told them I wanted an adventure. I don't think they knew that I was serious in saying so. Whatever. Then I see Tron who is this smart and attractive guy that I swear is flirting with me everytime I see him. He's even asked me for my number but has never called me. I don't understand him. He's always suggesting we get together in a sexual way but doesn't call me. I'm kind of over him but still talk to him when I see him. Who knows, maybe I'm still a little interested.
Then I suggest to Nietzche and Shorty that we go to P10A to see the stripper and they agree so we take off cause the show starts at 12. Nietzche drives.
When we get to Eaton square where all the sex clubs are, we go first to Michaelangelos for a beer. The bar is all black save for a few posters of naked hunks and a glass painting of some elve women. There are no windows and everybody seems to have a sense of adventure in the place. There are more people than we imagined.
The three of us slam our beers and head into P10A which is mad dark and the door guy is gruff and rude but I figure that you kind of have to take on that kind of attitude if you're going to work in a joint like this.
When he buzzes us in we walk in kind of clustered together. inside is grosso with fat dudes jerking off in the corner and nappy ass motherfuckers getting fellation on the couches. It takes 2 minutes before we realize that the place is small as a shoebox. Somewhere along the way Ime and Shorty get trapped in this pitch black maze and you can't see shit except for the dim light coming through the door of the maze where about 10 shadows are surrounding me and Shorty. They're blocking the doorway and are grabbing my arms and shit almost like they're restaining me. I see what looks to be Shorty getting pinned against the wall while two guys are trying to get his knob out of his fly. Meanwhile two guys have taken each of ny arms and are forcing me to feel their dicks. The short one is wearing white and up close I can see that he's latin and is wearing a do-rag. The other one is a taller Korean looking guy and his hand is trying to slip in my undies by the booty area. Another dude behind me is sucking on my neck. I can't see him. His breath is hot and heavy and is totally grossing me out. I feel hands everywhere and I see no faces. Somehwere I hear Nietzche saying, "Where's the conversation? Where's the conversation?" Which strikes me as being funny even though I'm totally getting a little scared because I am slowly losing control to these dark shapes that are multiplying from the woodwork.
Finally I get out and like ,"errr", "uh yeah sorry.," "Yeah um could you please not do that." And even after I leave the maze, they're still following me until I find Nietzche and then they recede to pitch black where they came from.
"Where's Shorty?" Nietzche asks.
"I think he got stuck in the maze." I tell him. Nietzche is Shorty's boyfriend so he goes looking for Shorty and I got to pee so I go to the restroom. When I'm done I get a call from Nietzche. He's got Shorty and they're out outside.
When I get outside Shorty won't stop spitting. And Nietzche says that someone called and we just scored some blow so at least there's a happy ending and Shorty says, "Yeah, a happy ending in my mouth." Mutter mutter.
Despite it all it was pretty rivetting and I got my adventure.
Then we go to Angles and we are doing bumps on the way so that when I get there I'm high as a motherfuck and I see K who I have a crush on and the bar is packed. I lose Nietzche and Shorty again which makes me worry becauses they are socially inept when they're high. I'm talking to K telling him about how I have small anxiety attacks when I first get into the clubs and shit and he's rubbing me on the shoulder and right now I'm FREAKING. I don't want him to stop. I can never tell if he likes me or not. But then I see my ex Jared who's friends with K and he tells me right in front of K that K likes me and K makes this funny faces like "what? Me? No?" Then the bar closes and we go next door to Fusions where we get more drink and occassionally go outside to get more high.
Back upstairs I see Pudding who I'm tryting to hook up with a job at Diesel. He's very flirty with me but always ruins it by talking about other guys.
I leave Pudding to go float and bump into K again and I can tell he's not the kind of guy that would appreciate me doing drugs so I'm trying to be sober and we're talking till he leaves to get a drink. When he comes back, I'm talking to pudding and I introduce the two. I'm scared K will think that I'm trying to get with Pudding and even though I kind of am, I'd drop Pudding so fast if I could have a real shot at something with K.
At some point K drift off never to be seen again for the rest of the night which worries me because he didn't say goodnight and I'm just praying that I didn't make an ass out of myself and am keeping my fingers crossed that he'll call me. K, if you're reading this, call me.
When I run into Nietzche and Shorty again, they're telling me that it's time to go and we leave andthey take me to my car at the Zoo. Nietzche gives me a bag of Magic Mushrooms but I lose it somewhere. I don't know where or when because it is a short distance from their car to mine. Oh well.
Before I go home I stop by VW's to rent porn. I go in the back to pooch for a while but the janitor is cleaning all the jizz off the walls and he looks pissed that he has to do it so he takes it out on my by giving me the stink eye. So I get my porn and leave.
In the lot, two guys follow me to my car but in the end the Puerto Rican one is the one talking to me through my window. He starts rubbing my junk and aks me the standard questions, top or bottom? Where do I live? Japanese? Finally I get bored am in no mood to do something I'll regret later so I peel off and leave him in the lot.
On the drive hoem I start kicking myself saying, Damn i shoulda gotten busy. But no, K wouldn't appreciate that. OK good thing.
I think I did too much of Nietzche's blow cuz I didn't go to sleep till 7am. And it was a shallow sleep at best. Today I feel kind of like shit and it's a reminder of why I don't do drugs anymore. I'm going sober again but it was nice to have an adventurous night. I really need that.

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